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If left untreated onychomycosis can have harmful consequences. Infected nails may become deformed and painful, and may cause other than aesthetic problems and problems Zetaclear Review.
The fungal infection of the nails usually begins with white or yellow spots that appear on the edge of nail.An not treated in time, the infection goes deeper and occupies the entire nail, make it more thick-thick and the edges are crushed.

The infection can spread to other nails. In severe cases, it can cause painful eisfryseis affecting the individual's ability to walk. Acquired bacterial infections may occur on or around the plate of the nail with this spray http://www.nolimitly.com/2015/11/zetaclear-review.html. In some cases it can cause detachment of the nail, odor and pain.

Anyone can be infected by fungi, the most vulnerable groups but the elderly, athletes, diabetics and those who face chronic circulatory disorders or problems with their immune system.
The first symptom of a fungal infection of the skin, are usually itch or slight burning and an incipient redness.
Later, displayed according to the source excitation, dandruff or softening of the skin (wound) between the fingers, soles and heels changes often occur, i.e. dry bark.
Application of appropriate treatment by a dermatologist with persistence and consistency to completely eliminate the problem.

Regular visiting chiropodist-podotherapefti to remove the affected part of the nail fungus to better recovery.
Daily thorough washing of the feet.
Careful wiping and drying after a bath, with particular attention to the areas between the fingers.
Change towels often.
Wear cotton socks that are changed every day and washed at 60 or 90 degrees.
Use antiperspirants products if you have intense sweating.
Air out your shoes 24 hours daily and use an antifungal spray or powder before reuse.
Wear comfortable shoes soft leather.

The corrective plates orthonychias are the most bloodless and painless solution to the problem of onychoeisfrysis. Applied with great results without requiring surgery.

By applying the plates, caused immediate relief groove of the nail from the nail and therefore shows a quick release from the pain. Depending on the shape and quality of the nail, we use different corrective plates orthonychias.

Patients with reduced body defenses such as diabetics, cancer patients and people taking immunosuppressant drugs for various reasons, are more susceptible to fungal nail and their recurrences. In addition to these there is the risk of spreading the disease to the rest of the body with Zetaclear Review, which can have serious consequences.